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Medicaid is threatening a lien on property

What to do when Medicaid is threatening a lien on property? What can Medicaid do? What can you do? What if the estate property is not worth enough to cover the lien? This week’s question for Georgia probate lawyer Erik Broel comes from Marietta, Georgia. First, some background. Medicaid is a stat...

consent to a probate petition

This week’s probate question comes from someone in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia probate law does not require that an heir be in Georgia, or even in the United States in order to consent to a probate petition, or participate in probating an estate. All that Georgia probate law requires is that the sig...

death certificate

Having a name on the death certificate that does not match older records can pose a serious challenge for many things, including arranging for a military burial for the deceased soldier. How can you fix this situation? The first thing to do is to find his driver’s license, passport, social securi...

Do you have an advance directive for health care (this used to be called a living will)? Like this other post (which was asking if you have a will – you do, don’t you?), if the answer to that question is anything other than a loud and enthusiastic YES, you need to get in touch with my office pr...


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