Stephanie D. Banks

Managing Attorney

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Marietta Probate AttorneyStephanie joins Georgia Probate Law Group after 19 years as a litigator. Stephanie developed a deep interest in helping families with estate situations after she experienced a life changing event in her family. In 2013, Amber, family member that she was very close to, started to decline due to an ongoing illness. One of the effects of Amber’s condition was onset dementia. She was well-off and had no Will or Trust in place, no spouse and no children of her own.

Eventually, another relative and a family friend took on the responsibility of caring for Amber.   In time, as the effects of her dementia became more and more significant, Amber ended up signing away a portion of her interest in her beautiful home (that was completely paid for) over to the friend and a member of the relative’s immediate family in a manner that caused Stephanie great concern – especially once Stephanie found out that Amber eventually contacted one of her cousins and said: “They just took me to an attorney’s office and I signed some papers about my house.  I don’t know what I did.  I don’t understand.  What does this mean?”

After Amber’s cousin explained that, based upon what she told her, Amber had effectively signed away a portion of her ownership interest in her home, she said “I don’t want this.  Help me.”  By the time she made this plea, very little, if anything, could be done and at the time, no one knew exactly what to do.  She couldn’t remember where she was taken to sign the papers and she could not remember the identity of the Attorney who handled the matter.  Over time, her dementia continued to grow worse and she stopped saying she didn’t want it.  After seeing how that experience affected her family, Stephanie knew she needed to do something to help others in similar situations, and the work she does at Georgia Probate Law Group fits that perfectly.

In addition to Trust and Estate Litigation, at different times in her career, Stephanie has been involved in contract, employment, business, education law, personal injury and property law matters, all of it invaluable experience for Estate and Probate Litigation. Stephanie is also currently studying to become a Certified Estate Planner.

In her spare time, Stephanie is a classical vocalist. She is a coloratura soprano.  A coloratura soprano must have a high range and is required to execute, with great facility, elaborate ornamentation and embellishment, including running passages, and agile runs, leaps and trills. Stephanie is often featured as a guest vocalist at various locations around the Metropolitan Atlanta, area.  In addition to singing, Stephanie has been directing choirs for a combined total of over 20 years.

High range, agility, leaps, facility, execution and strong leadership ability, Stephanie believes strongly that she brings those same skills to her practice.

Stephanie loves animals – especially dogs.  Her furry babies include a Schnauzer, Sterling Silber Banks (Silber is the German word for Silver) and two Shih Tzu’s, Brensen Banks and Bijou Banks.