Download the Georgia Probate Handbook.

Learn Important Probate Essentials, including key things that go wrong in an estate, how to prevent them, and what to do if they happen.

    We’ve Just Released a New Book …


    Erik Broel and the Georgia Probate Law Group have just released a new edition of the Georgia Probate Handbook.


    How much do you know about the legal process of settling an estate in Georgia? How about the three phases every estate must go through? How to identify heirs? The ten questions that must be answered when you review a will?


    A new, revised, more in-depth look at probate in Georgia. We explore how it works, where the pitfalls lie, the first steps to take. Dealing with Probate is stressful enough without trying to do it cold.

    Drop us a line if you want a copy of the book or schedule a consultation with our office or just drop us an email and we’ll get a copy out to you.

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    Erik J. Broel
    Founder & ceo

    Erik founded the firm in 2009. He sees it as his personal mission to demystify the process of handling an estate or trust, and to help people by making the complex estate process simple and accessible. He believes there is always a better way to do things, and loves finding new and innovative ways to deliver better, more effective service that solves the client’s key problem or issue, and improves the client’s life.

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