If you recently lost your spouse and you’re facing the Georgia probate process, you may feel like the bottom has dropped out from under you.

Whether you were married for three years or thirty years, you loved your spouse and turned to him or her to help you process your world.

In more than just a metaphorical sense, the loss of a spouse equals losing part of yourself.

For instance, maybe your spouse was in charge of your household finances or had been the “planner” in the family. During this time of grief, you may benefit from obtaining compassionate counsel to understand your legal rights and obligations under Georgia probate law and to protect yourself and your children, financially and otherwise.

Creditors and others may try to take advantage of your vulnerable state. A lender, for instance, may put pressure on you to pay down a loan that your spouse took out. We’ve even witnessed situations in which family members or others have tried to use a spouse’s grief to acquire money or property.

The Surviving Spouse Has Rights in Georgia

Fortunately, Georgia law contains provisions to potentially help a surviving spouse keep the family business up and running, attempt to protect the family home from foreclosure, and attempt to prevent an estate sale.

We can help you take advantage of these built-in provisions of Georgia probate law to stop potential wrongdoers, organize your finances and affairs, and have peace and space to process what you’ve been through and regain control.

We respect that what you are going through right now is lonely and sorrowful, but you don’t have to deal with the Georgia probate process alone. Consider getting legal help and contact Georgia Probate Law Group. We can provide a free, complimentary consultation. Call us at 770-920-6030.