probate for small business owners

If you lost a loved one who also happened to be a business owner, you may be looking to understand what Georgia probate laws apply to your situation and find out more about probate for small business owners.

Given the circumstances, how can you keep the business running as smoothly as possible and protect your family and the company’s employees?

Obviously, the loss of an owner can have powerful ramifications for the business itself, whether it’s a small, close-knit organization (5 to 10 people) or a mid-size company with 50 or more employees.

Did the owner make arrangements for a successor? Should the company be sold? If so, what timeframes and milestones should be identified and tracked?

Perhaps the business is a family business, and there is a risk that the heirs could fight over the helm or direction of the company. Or maybe a partner wants to buy out the family’s interests. Should you sell? If so, how should you negotiate a fair price and terms?

Get Help Concerning the Probate for Small Business Owners

These and other issues are concerns in addition to the normal challenges of probate and trust administration. At Georgia Probate Law Group, we will help you move in the right direction and find solutions based on the unique facets of your situation, the business’s financials, and the succession plan, if there is one.

A qualified attorney who understands Georgia probate law can help keep operations running and avoid potential problems, such as disgruntled creditors or vendors suing the business, key employees losing or leaving their jobs, and tax consequences draining your loved one’s estate.

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