Estate and family disputes can cause chaos. Sometimes, it is expected, other times, it is not, and still, other times, you have no idea what to expect.

Family disputesExpected Family Drama

Sometimes, you just know that some member of the family is going to be a problem.

Perhaps you’ve spent decades dealing with a hotheaded sister or brother who has a dubious moral compass. You always knew that this person would cause problems or drama after your parents passed away.

For instance, maybe your father named your brother executor of his estate. Once in power, your brother acts like the dictator of the estate, refusing to share information or important documents.

A qualified Georgia probate lawyer can help stop this kind of nonsense.

Executors and administrators owe a fiduciary duty to the estate and its heirs and beneficiaries. This means that they must always act in the best interest of the estate and those who will inherit from it. The estate is no one’s private fiefdom.

Unexpected Family Drama

Sometimes, family members engage in shocking or strange behavior during probate that not only causes problems but also forces people to reevaluate their relationships.

For instance, you might have always respected and liked your uncle. But perhaps after your mother dies, and you become the executor of the estate, you get a glimpse of a very different, disturbing side of him. Perhaps he tries to take your mom’s art and ceramics from her house. You tell him he must wait while you organize affairs. He gets angry and yells at you and threatens retaliation.

Our team can help stop this kind of abuse.

No Idea What to Expect

Perhaps it’s been ages since you and your family last got together for any reason. Maybe a fight or misunderstanding years ago drove people apart. Or maybe you just all drifted because you were never very close or weren’t good communicators.

Perhaps the relationships are important to you. Perhaps you could care less about the relationships and only want to make sure the estate is distributed fairly.

You must have a plan that is uniquely crafted to meet your specific goals – otherwise, who knows where the situation could end up.

Taking Effective Action to Solve Family Disputes and Get the Outcome You Need

No matter what has happened or could happen to your family during the probate process, Georgia Probate Law Group can help you make sense of your options and take action strategically.

For some clients, that means helping you set the stage to repair damaged relationships or prevent family ruptures in the first place. For others, it means vigorously advocating for your interests in negotiation or litigation without regard to the family relationships. For still others, it is somewhere in between.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to discuss estate disputes. Our experienced team will take the time necessary to understand your most important goals and help you understand the best options available to you to accomplish them.