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We’re Georgia attorneys focused exclusively on helping people with probate, estate, and trust matters.


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We believe in settling an estate or trust fairly, and making the process as simple and easy-to-understand as possible. We're attorneys focused exclusively on helping people with probate, estate, and trust situations after someone has passed away. In fact, we do not accept any other type of cases. We work in every county within the State of Georgia, and help individuals and families from many different parts of the United States.

Sometimes that means helping administer and settle a completely peaceful estate or trust, while other times it means aggressively litigating a situation in court. Other times, we help with estates and trusts that are somewhere in between those two extremes.

If you know you need legal help, have a confidential consultation with a member of our team so you can determine if we are the right kind of probate law firm for you. Our staff is friendly, helpful, and here for you. We help you understand your situation, make a plan, and make sure things are done fair and right.

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Receive our free E-Book: The Georgia Probate Law Handbook

Find out what you must know to make sure it is done right.

  • “I really do not think there is a finer or more caring group of professionals around. Thank you all for making the unbearable not so hard at all and the impossible all done. Each of you makes me feel as though I am not only your most important client but your only client, even though I know better.”

    - Vicki F.

  • “I have to share with you that I feel like you guys are handling things so professionally and even though it’s hard/time-consuming for me to produce the documents because it’s been so long ago and I either gave the documents to my former attorney or didn’t know to keep them, I really appreciate how the estate is being handled now. I’m thinking he (former atty) must have been using one of those big yellow books written about “_____ _____ for Dummies because the difference is night and day.”

    - Gloria Mitchell

  • “Because of Erik Broel’s dedication and professionalism, my family’s experience of unexpectedly losing a loved one was not made more emotionally traumatic. He lead and advised us at every step of the legal process, as well as outlining potential challenges. Erik also guided my family in making informed decisions during the case, avoiding unnecessary time and added expense. Erik protected my family members from losing property, and money that was rightfully theirs. Additionally, he suggested that the settlement account for appropriate expenses (which had not occurred to me). Erik worked diligently ensuring that my family was in a position to succeed. His sole purpose is achieving the best result for those he represents. Erik Broel literally takes the defense of his client’s interests personally.”

    - Stephen L.

  • “I can state that Erik is a consummate professional whose consultative style is second to none. He has an effortless manner about him that engenders trust and security, which only increases when he delivers the results you need. And Erik delivers. He’s the kind of guy that stands out from other attorneys that I’ve encountered– and trust me, I interviewed several before going with Erik. One of the things I like best about Erik is that he’s an intense bulldog when it comes to getting the job done, yet he also has a soft sincerity that’s built on how much he cares for his clients. That’s rare, but that’s Erik in a nutshell. He is a problem-solver who un-ties the most complex knot of an issue with an elegant and intuitive simplicity. I would highly recommend Erik Broel for anyone looking for a passionate and highly-competent attorney with heart.”

    - Eric Y.

  • “I cannot thank you all enough for what you did for me. When we started, if you remember, that was what I really wanted. The truth. We all worked together and got it. Thank you for much for that Erik! I love you guys so much and will forever be grateful for you.”

    - Catherine C.

I believe there is a better way to handle estate and trust situations. I believe that you deserve a better law firm experience where there is open communication in plain English so you can understand your options and make the best plan for your situation. That's what we do.

Erik Broel

Erik Broel

Founder of Georgia Probate Law Group

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