Georgia Probate Law Group’s mission is to make probate as simple and efficient as possible for our clients. Our Georgia probate attorneys practice in every city and county in Georgia, but we work exclusively on cases after someone has passed away because that’s our passion. Helping people gain control and clarity drives and inspires us.

Each probate case is different, and every client has a different story and different needs. We can help, whether you’re trying to manage a simple, uncontested estate or seeking to bring peace and order after an inter-generational dispute or brother-against-sister fight over various decisions and property. Here are our main areas of practice:

Estate Administration

This is the legal process that transfers the assets of the deceased to creditors, heirs and beneficiaries. If your loved one left a valid will, the will sets parameters for this process. If there is no will, Georgia’s intestate statute will guide the process.

We transform this complex experience, making it simple, low stress and easy to understand. We speak in plain English and never just bombard you with legalese. We’re translators. We keep our clients informed about their cases, so they feel like they know and understand what is going on with the estate at all times. We also work hard to complete this process quickly, so that you can have closure and move forward with your life. We can ensure the dignity and respect of your loved one’s wishes as well as compliance with all relevant Georgia laws.

Estate Disputes and Litigation

Disputes over an estate can cause tempers to flair and create deep rifts in families that can persist for years, if not for generations. Estate disputes, also known as estate litigation or fiduciary litigation, can erupt seemingly “out of the blue,” when a close relative suddenly starts acting in a suspicious way. Or fights can break out after an executor or administrator fails to communicate with the family or behaves improperly. Arguments over the fate of family assets, squabbles over the interpretation of an unclear clause in the will or harsh words exchanged over a perceived act of disrespect towards a loved one can send the process careening towards litigation.

If an executor has commandeered the estate as his or her personal fiefdom, or if you believe someone has been misusing estate property or engaging in other unethical or incompetent behavior, Georgia Probate Law Group can help you resolve the dispute though negotiation or litigation. We can ensure fairness and protect your rights.

Trust Administration

Perhaps your loved one set up one or several trusts to bypass the probate process or protect treasured family assets from tax consequences and creditors. Each trust is unique, and the complexity and requirements of the situation will depend on many factors, such as the number of beneficiaries, the type of trust, the applicable Georgia estate and trust laws and the size and diversity of the assets contained in trust.

Whether you need to manage a simple trust that only has implications for you and one other family member, or you’re trying to get a handle on a vast, complex estate, Georgia Probate Law Group can explain your options and obligations in clear, simple language.

Trust Disputes and Litigation

Sometimes, trust administration does not go as smoothly as intended. Administrative challenges as well as disputes can disrupt, lengthen and complicate the process and provoke infighting among heirs and beneficiaries. For instance, perhaps a trustee has failed to execute the wishes of the trust, either through incompetence or through some act of wrongdoing. You want to stop this and make sure that you and your loved ones are treated fairly. Or perhaps the trustor left unclear instructions, and now several beneficiaries are fighting over assets. We can help you resolve the dispute and fight aggressively on your behalf.

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