Handling an estate can feel like stumbling in a dark room looking for a light switch. We can help you find it.

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Our Georgia Probate Law Firm Provides Top Level, Compassionate Service.

Georgia Probate Law Group is a compassionate, dynamic Georgia probate law firm on a mission to make the probate and estate process fair and simple for our clients.

We work to make the process peaceful and efficient, when possible, and we negotiate disputes and litigate them aggressively, if necessary.

The probate process can be an intense and highly personal experience. We provide steady guidance to protect our clients from wasting time, money and energy, and we strive to ensure that the process respects the wishes of their loved ones.

Our passion for probate comes from a very personal experience.

Our founding attorney, Erik Broel, lost his uncle when he was in college. He watched his aunt go through a very challenging experience.

His uncle didn’t leave a will, and his aunt didn’t know how to manage the estate. As a result, chaos erupted in the family, creating confusion and discord at a moment in time when the family needed peace and unity.

Although Erik tried to help, he had to watch, mostly helpless, as his aunt put on an estate sale and tried to sell her possessions, when what she really needed was space to deal with her grief.

To make matters worse, his aunt had to buy her house back from the estate, since Erik’s “old fashioned” uncle had kept the title in his name.

Watching his aunt being pushed around in a wheelchair — because she was too overwhelmed by the chaos of the estate and grief-stricken to stand — formed an indelible impression on Erik and inspired him to his life’s work.

He became driven to help others avoid the indignities and frustrations that his aunt had to endure.

As soon as Erik finished law school, he knew right away that he wanted to work on Georgia probate law matters and to help people like his aunt. To that end, he recruited a fantastic team to build Georgia Probate Law Group and rally around this important mission.

Reduce stress and worry over the estate.

Don’t live in uncertainty. Get answers and take charge.  Over 1,000 families have trusted our caring team to help.



Our clients can trust us to provide levelheaded, strategic guidance on how to handle their estates and deal with any disputes that arise.

Uncontested Estates.

Clients often come to us for help with uncontested probate. This is the process of transferring assets in an orderly fashion from the estate to creditors, heirs and beneficiaries. It is our mission to keep this process simple, easy to understand and low stress. We make it easy for you, and we are always here to answer your questions.

We can also assist if you need help shepherding a business from one generation to the next. Maybe you’ve recently lost your husband or wife, and you need help sorting through everything. Or maybe you want to protect the estate from creditors or sell the estate’s property. Georgia Probate Group can help you leverage Georgia law to protect your assets.

Trust Administration.

Your loved one may have established a trust, which is a legal agreement to hold and distribute property to beneficiaries, to protect those assets from probate and tax consequences and to make transfers simpler after death.

After the person who made the trust dies, another person, known as the trustee, manages the trust and ensures that beneficiaries, such as close family members or charitable institutions, relieve the assets in an orderly, fair fashion in accordance with Georgia trust laws.

During this process, concerns can arise. The trustee, for instance, may be unsure about how to interpret a certain provision of the trust or may have trouble inventorying what’s in the trust, evaluating assets or preparing key documents. Our legal team can ensure excellent communication, compliance with Georgia law and fair treatment for all beneficiaries, while also making sure the trustee observes all fiduciary duties.

Contested Estates.

Our goal is to ensure fairness and help our clients feel back in control of what’s happening.

Disagreements over the estate or trust process can lead to a situation known as a contested estate.

Perhaps the executor in charge of the will has been acting suspiciously or withholding information. Or maybe family members are fighting over property or over what to do about a particular asset.

Georgia Probate Law Group can help you deal with the contested probate peacefully, if possible, or leverage powerful negotiation and litigation strategies, if necessary.

We can fight to prevent a wrongdoer from trying to convince the probate court to accept a fraudulent will, take advantage of the estate, flout the deceased’s wishes or unfairly take or misappropriate estate property.

Our goal is to ensure fairness and help our clients feel back in control of what’s happening.

Trust Disputes.

Trust disputes, also sometimes called fiduciary litigation or trust litigation, generally arise when the trustee and the beneficiaries come into conflict somehow.

For instance, perhaps the trustee failed to communicate important information or stopped distribution without justification.

Or maybe the beneficiary believes that the property in trust has been mismanaged or misappropriated. We can help you strategically negotiate or aggressively litigate a solution that leads to a fair result.

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