Inheritance Rights After Divorce

What happens to inheritance rights after divorce? There are a few different scenarios to consider to answer this question:

  1. Without a will
  2. With a will
  3. Other, nonprobate property

We’ll look at each scenario in turn.

Without a will.

Spousal Inheritance After Divorce

If you get a divorce and your ex-spouse dies without a will, the estate will be handled under Georgia intestate law. Under that law, an ex-spouse would not be an heir and would not inherit without a will. In addition, the children of an ex-spouse will not inherit unless they are also the biological children of the deceased.

What About a Will?

According to Georgia law, once a divorce has been finalized the now ex-spouse is usually considered to have been struck from any will created by the other ex-spouse prior to the divorce. As a result, the ex-spouse will usually not inherit from the estate. All assets of the estate will pass to other beneficiaries of the will.

If for some reason an ex- spouse still wants their former spouse to inherit after the divorce, they must state that intent in their will. If the deceased fails to mention that their divorced spouse is to inherit after the divorce has been finalized, the former spouse will be disinherited according to the probate laws in Georgia.

Other NonProbate Property

It is important to note that divorce does not always affect other death benefits, such as life insurance beneficiary designations, retirement account beneficiary designations, and other non-probate property transfers. Each of these should be investigated to determine how that particular policy or contract handles divorce.

We hope this short article helps you understand the basics of inheritance rights after divorce. To get help with your situation, please contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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