Erik J. Broel

Founder & CEO

Erik founded the firm in 2009. He sees it as his personal mission to demystify the process of handling an estate or trust, and to help people by making the complex estate process simple and accessible. He believes there is always a better way to do things, and loves finding new and innovative ways to deliver better, more effective service that solves the client’s key problem or issue, and improves the client’s life.

Erik has seen first-hand, in his own family, what can happen when a probate estate situation gets out of control. When he was in college, one of Erik’s uncles died leaving an aunt he was very close to growing up widowed. Erik’s uncle had two adult children from a different marriage. Although the relationship between Erik’s aunt and his uncle’s two kids seemed to be on good terms before his uncle died, it soon became very clear that there were undercurrents to the relationship that his aunt never knew about. The two children forced everything to an estate sale, and Erik vividly remembers seeing his aunt pushed around in a wheelchair in her front yard at the estate sale while people walked in and out of her home, price tags on many items inside, and people buying things right in front of her that she had always thought were hers. Then her home was put up for sale right in front of her eyes. Luckily, the family came together and bought the home back from the estate.

This whole experience left an indelible mark on Erik. After founding the firm, Erik decided that he could make a difference in the world by finding a better way to handle estates and trusts. Erik believes strongly in specialization, and that clients are always better served by having a firm on their side that focuses exclusively on helping people who have lost a loved one with estate and trust matters. He believes that if his aunt had hired a firm that focused on probate matters, her situation could have worked out a lot differently, and she could have been saved from a lot of unnecessary heartache.

Erik’s sees his role in the firm as “creating an environment where our clients receive the best possible help, service, and compassionate understanding after losing a loved one, and where our employees can thrive and grow to their fullest potential.”

He loves coming to work every day because he has a compulsive need to continually make things better. As a licensed Georgia probate lawyer, working with the firm allows him to be a force for positive change, and gives him the opportunity to look at what is missing from the legal industry or from the firm and create it.

Outside of the office, Erik enjoys practicing kickboxing, reading good books, and playing with his two young children. He loves mountain biking and lives in Marietta with his wonderful wife, children, and three dogs.