Stacey L. Ferris

Senior Attorney

When Stacey was twelve years old she had two great loves – the theatre and music– and one, and only one, thing she wanted to be when she grew up – a lawyer. She’s not sure where that came from, just knows she was twelve, knew what she wanted, and never strayed from that path, despite the allure of acting. Specifically, roles in Jesus Christ Superstar, A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum, Kiss Me Kate, many more, in high school and at the University of Georgia.

Along the way, Stacey developed a love for logical analysis and joined the debating team. All of which served to solidify her determination to go to law school. By then, it seemed like the right place for her interests and talents. After her senior year, she moved across the campus at Georgia to the law school.

It should not be surprising that Stacey became a litigator. The perfect match for someone who enjoyed strategy, debating, and, yes, performing in front of an audience. Before she joined Georgia Probate Law Group, Stacey’s career saw her handle issues that touched on almost every area of the law, usually in a courtroom. She was always comfortable in the courtroom and the challenges of litigating cases from a range of legal issues suited her intellectual curiosity.

She came to Georgia Probate Law Group because she knew that probate law effectively involves all the other areas of law she enjoyed over her twenty-six-year career. With one all-important addition: helping people at a critical time in their lives.

As Stacey puts it, probate law is an opportunity to, “really help people and families that are overwhelmed at a very painful moment. It’s a time when everyone can benefit from talking to someone outside the situation who can see things clearly.” Stacey never loses sight that what she does today for families in probate effects future generations as well. That’s one of the things that gives her immense satisfaction.

Stacey has 32 years of civil and litigation experience.