Stuart B. Bagley

Senior Attorney

Meet Stuart Bagley – a compassionate and dedicated attorney who left his roots in Oklahoma to call Georgia home. Stuart’s passion for creating a positive impact on society fueled his drive to become a lawyer.

His journey began at Morehouse College, where he honed his leadership skills. Stuart then went on to earn his law degree from Emory University, continually expanding his legal expertise.

With over 20 years of civil litigation and trial experience, Stuart is committed to achieving the best results for his clients while maintaining honesty and transparency in his work. He values the relationships he builds with his co-workers at Georgia Probate Law Group and understands the importance of a strong team dynamic in providing top-notch legal representation.

As a senior attorney at GPLG, Stuart aims to make a meaningful difference in the legal world and beyond. He works tirelessly to assist families from all walks of life with their probate needs and takes pride in being a part of a team that prioritizes their clients’ needs.

Outside of work, Stuart loves to explore the world and unwind with video games. He believes that achieving a healthy work-life balance allows him to bring his best self to both his personal and professional life.