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We’re dedicated to helping people with estate and trust situations after someone passes away. Our clients love us. Other attorneys respect us. Third parties recognize us as an authority in this area. But, don’t take out word for it – see what they have to say for yourself.

“He really cared about what I needed.”

“He was very kind and I felt like he really cared about what I needed,not just another case.” -Sandra S.

“Thank you Mr. Broel.”

“I can gladly and highly recommend Mr. Broel! He has handled several different issues for me and my family in the recent past. He worked on our behalf with probate, with the close of an estate and transfer a business after the death of a family member. We put our trust in him and we were not disappointed. He was very thorough and meticulous with our cases and helped to put us at ease during a very stressful time. I would not hesitate to go to him in time of need again.” -Tere M.

“Mr. Broel is a keeper.”

“I spoke to Erik Broel on March 11, 2014 concerning my husband who died last month. He died with no will, assets, insurance or heirs. But I was having a problem with his bank regarding closing his personal checking account, (less than $500) because the bank wanted something from probate court. Mr. Broel pointed me to a section of the Banking Code which allowed me to close his account with no further hindrance from the bank. I had, for 3 weeks, been trying to close his account and Mr. Broel, with his expertise, solved my problem in one short phone call. Thanks to him, this is one more problem I can cross off my list. Mr. Broel is a keeper. Thank you sir!!!” -Anonymous Client

“Probate guidance.”

“My husband and I found Mr Broel to grasps our situation and needs quickly. He answered all our questions and guided us through the process of proceeding with probate 5 months after my mother’s passing and having the appointed executrix walk away from her responsibilities. Every action required and taken was fully explained to us and how it was part of the process. He, or a staff person, answered all phone calls and/or emails promptly.” -Kathy K.

“Erik went way beyond.”

“This law firm handled everything way beyond what the others would do. Erik’s staff and the way everything was handled so professional. I could write a book about why you should use this Firm. All you have to do is call them you will see right away how quickly they handle your case. I have never had the opportunity to deal with such a great Law Firm. Anyone can ask me any question they want and I’ll tell them why they need Erik to handle their case. Thank You so much for your services!” -Rob

“Thank you for your professionalism, and attention to detail.”

“Because of Erik Broel’s dedication and professionalism, my family’s experience of unexpectedly losing a loved one was not made more emotionally traumatic. He lead and advised us at every step of the legal process, as well as outlining potential challenges. Erik also guided my family in making informed decisions during the case, avoiding unnecessary time and added expense.

Erik protected my family members from losing property, and money that was rightfully theirs. Additionally, he suggested that the settlement account for appropriate expenses (which had not occurred to me). Erik worked diligently ensuring that my family was in a position to succeed.

His sole purpose is achieving the best result for those he represents. Erik Broel literally takes the defense of his client’s interests personally.” -Stephen L.

“Beneficial and rewarding.”

“My experience with Mr Broel was very beneficial and rewarding. He was a great service to my needs. I would definitely go to him with other legal matters and highly recommend him to anyone needing legal advice.” -Roy J.

“Professional, Knowledgeable, Efficient.”

“I have worked with Erik for about 2 years. He was helped not only me but almost every member of my family. Erik and his staff are very efficient and thorough. Erik has assisted my family on many different issues. He has helped me with my personal legal needs as well as my business legal needs. I will always use Erik when it comes to my legal counsel because he is someone I can trust.” -Mark

“Thank you.”

“Thank you. I appreciate your excellent work.” -Hugh B.

“Erik Broel gets it done!”

“I can state that Erik is a consummate professional whose consultative style is second to none. He has an effortless manner about him that engenders trust and security, which only increases when he delivers the results you need. And Erik delivers. He’s the kind of guy that stands out from other attorneys that I’ve encountered– and trust me, I interviewed several before going with Erik. One of the things I like best about Erik is that he’s an intense bulldog when it comes to getting the job done, yet he also has a soft sincerity that’s built on how much he cares for his clients. That’s rare, but that’s Erik in a nutshell. He is a problem-solver who un-tie the most complex knot of an issue with elegant and intuitive simplicity. I would highly recommend Erik Broel for anyone looking for a passionate and highly-competent attorney with heart.” -Eric Y.

“Thank you.”

“I cannot thank you all enough for what you did for me.  When we started, if you remember, that was what I really wanted.  The truth.  We all worked together and got it.  Thank you for much for that Erik!  I love you guys so much and will forever be grateful for you.” -Catherine C.

“Naturally good at what he does.”

“I have retained Erik as my Business lawyer ever since he opened his own firm four years ago. I’ve always enjoyed the value and associated risk involved in hiring a service professional who is “new” in the field. Over the course of four years, Erik has proved to be a risk well worth the gamble; he is very knowledgeable and quick to find answers when he needs to. Even though his firm has changed and really grown into more of a Probate practice, he remains very knowledgeable and quick to respond to my business needs. I have recommended his services to close personal friends numerous times and will continue to do so.” -Michael

“I really appreciate how the estate is being handled now.”

“I have to share with you that I feel like you guys are handling things so professionally and even though it’s hard/time consuming for me to produce the documents because it’s been so long ago and I either gave the documents to my former attorney or didn’t know to keep them, I really appreciate how the estate is being handled now. I’m thinking he (former atty) must have been using one of those big yellow books written about “_____ _____ for Dummies because the difference is night and day.” -Gloria M.

“Thank you all for making the unbearable not so hard.”

“I really do not think there is a finer or more caring group of professionals around. Thank you all for making the unbearable not so hard at all and the impossible all done. Each of you makes me feel as though I am not only your most important client but your only client, even though I know better.” -Vicki F.