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    P.2 I don’t trust the Personal Representative. What are the common red flags that something may be wrong with how they are handling everything?

    Common Red Flags Part 2: Taking Too Long to Settle the Estate

    A lot of our clients reach out to us because they are having issues with the Personal Representative of the estate. A common complaint that we hear is that the estate process is just taking too long. How long does it typically take to settle an estate? What are the red flags to look out for? We will answer these questions and more in this post.

    Taking Too Long to Settle the EstateMy name is Erik Broel, and I am the founder and CEO of Georgia Probate Law Group. At our firm, we help families who have lost a loved one navigate the complex and confusing legal process so they can make sure the estate is handled properly and their loved one’s memory is honored. Everything discussed in this post is for general information and is not legal advice – for specific information about your situation, please go here to request a complimentary consultation with one of our inheritance lawyers.

    It can be difficult to estimate how long it will take to settle an estate. The reason is that the length of time necessary to complete the estate depends on many factors. We have found that a simple, uncontested estate situation can take between 12 to 18 months in Georgia. If you are involved in a simple estate situation and it has been open for many years without resolution, this could be a cause for concern.

    Beyond the basic timeline, there are other factors to consider.  For example: is the Personal Representative actively communicating with you? Have they given you plausible reasons for why it is taking longer than expected? If not, we may consider attempting to open the line of communication with the Personal Representative to try and get clarity. If this doesn’t work, we consider filing in court against the Personal Representative.

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    It is best for a Personal Representative to attempt to finish the estate in a timely manner and communicate with the heirs and beneficiaries. When a Personal Representative is more transparent with others involved in the estate, it helps avoid potential disputes. Disputes will cause the estate process to take much longer.

    For more information about this and other probate topics, please go to GPLG.com/Handbook to download a complimentary copy of our Georgia. Probate Handbook. You’ll learn the key things that go wrong in an estate, how to prevent them, and what to do if they happen.I don’t trust the Personal Representative. Taking Too Long to Settle the Estate

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