What happens when one beneficiary pays all of the expenses for an estate?

Can a beneficiary get reimbursed by the estate before the other beneficiaries get their shares?

beneficiary pays all of the expenses

Generally speaking, Georgia probate law allows expenses paid on behalf of the estate to be reimbursed, so long as the expenses are considered proper. Whether the total amount is fully reimbursable would be determined by going through each and every expense to determine which ones are proper and which ones are not. As I mentioned, it is very, very specific to each situation and the answer will determine on what the particular facts turn out to be.

In addition, how much the beneficiaries receive from the estate will be impacted by the other expenses and debts of the estate. Georgia probate law has a priority list for the payment of debts, and you will want to make sure you follow that list. Expenses that a beneficiary is being reimbursed for must be put in the right category because if a creditor that should have been paid first is left out, then they can seek payment from the executor and beneficiaries directly.

This question, like so many about Georgia probate law is very dependent on the particular facts of your situation. If you need help with this or any other Georgia probate issues, please reach out to our team to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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