Courtney B. Newman


The moment Courtney knew she wanted to be an attorney came when her father was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

“An estate planner met with my parents and developed the right tools to ensure that no matter what happened, all of his children would have funding to support their education. Taking that weight off his shoulders was noticeably helpful to both of my parents, and allowed all of us the maximum amount of time to focus on him and each other.”

She enrolled at Emory to pursue a law degree because she wanted to do for others what that attorney was able to do for her family.

Courtney values being able to advise and protect the rights of people in estate situations and help ease their burdens. “I am motivated by being able to use my legal skills and services to provide relief and support to Clients and their families.”

She enjoys being able to use communication skills from her counseling background, as well as her experience as a litigator to get the best possible outcomes for her clients.

One of her best days as an attorney came when she was able to assist a client who was trying to administer their spouse’s estate on their own. “We were able to help them correct mistakes and ensure that the estate would be closed out correctly.”

Outside the office, Courtney enjoys walking the Beltline, hiking, kayaking, trying new foods and exploring Atlanta’s many museums.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one and are considering hiring Georgia Probate Law Group, Courtney would tell you, “Hire us if you want it done correctly the first time.”