David S. Beale

Senior Attorney

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A coin flip over forty-six years ago resulted in David S. Beale joining our firm. That’s how David, a native of New Orleans, and his wife, Susan, a native of Baltimore, decided where to settle. Atlanta won then and, forty-six years later, after a distinguished career as a solo practitioner, so did we.

David has forty (40) years of experience as a solo practitioner, much – if not most – of it spent in courtrooms. This alone would make him a valued member of our team, but, as with most things concerning David, it goes deeper than that.

There’s the fact he has made appearances in virtually every Georgia courthouse – federal, state, and probate -over the years and enjoys an impeccable reputation. Then there’s the fact that he has represented almost every side of every type of legal case – contracts, torts, business disputes, bankruptcy, and much more.

That’s the kind of depth of experience that is all but impossible to find now, in the days of specialization in most professions. It’s impressive. It also does not begin to describe David’s life as an attorney.

Ask David why he went into the law and you will get an almost stream of consciousness series of answers, all with a common theme: “I wanted to do something to stop people from running over other people;” “I like to intercede on behalf of people who are being taken advantage of;” “make clients whole;” “a passion for justice;” “Protect people, no matter what …;”

When David was young, long before he contemplated a career in the law, before he even knew what a lawyer did, he had a vague feeling that a deceased family member’s estate had been ‘run over’ by people with questionable motives and a relative’s last wishes were not followed. The experience has fueled his passion for the law ever since.

For David, joining our firm is, in several senses, the culmination of his career. His decades of experience have shown him that probate law encompasses “a vast diversity” of other areas of the law. It is also the place where he can most help people daily.

David, Susan, and their two cats still live in Atlanta. He is a voracious reader with deep interests in history – everything from Rome to Native Americans – literature, and science fiction. When not practicing law or reading, David can be found gardening, visiting with their two married daughters’ families, reading and playing with their 4 young grandchildren, . . . and he may or may not be working on a novel.